Pots and planters

We have a selection of stylish planters in various shapes, sizes and colours, all our planters are suitable for both live and artificial plants.

Most of our planters are suitable for outdoor use and are made from hard wearing durable plastics or fibreglass.

If you are purchasing an artificial plant from us and would like your tree potted into one of our planters this option is available when choosing your plant and planter. The potting charge along with the decorative stones. The cart will offer only planters that will fit your plant.

Size Guide

Height of tree Width of planter
2ft / 60cm 15-20cm
3ft / 90cm 25-35cm
4ft / 120cm 15-20cm
5ft / 150cm 30- 40cm
6ft / 180cm 40-50cm
7ft / 210cm 40-50cm
8ft / 240 cm 50-60cm
9ft / 270cm 50-60cm

Pots and planters