3.5ft English Ivy


Size 3.5ft / 107cm trailing
Width 1.5ft / 50cm

This artificial trailing English Ivy is UV stable so is suitable for indoors and outdoors , it is very versatile and has many uses, it is ideal for use in hanging baskets, tubs or to wind up trellis just to name a few.


The Fake English Ivy has a mixture of large and small leaves creating a very realistic plant with lovely long trails, the leaves are mainly dark green with a few lighter green ones to replicate new growth, they are made from polyester silk and even have the vein detail.

Each stem has wire in so you can arrange your Ivy just how you want it and it will stay in place.

The fake English Ivy comes without a pot, just a spike so it can easily be planted into a tub or planter, if you need advice on how to plant your purchase please email or call us.

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