6ft Boxwood Spiral


Height 6ft / 180cm
Width 1.5ft / 45cm

The artificial Boxwood Spiral is one of our most popular artificial topiary trees.

It is made on a faux stem which is textured to give it a very realistic look and it will not rot in the English weather. The foliage is made up of a mixture of dark green and lighter green leaves mimicking the new growth of the bush, it has a more fluffy appearance making it look very natural.


These trees are UV Stable so suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
The artificial spiral topiary trees look very impressive when displayed in pairs either side of a doorway or on a decking area.

The fake boxwood spiral comes in a small plastic plant pot for you to plant into a decorative planter.

If you would like us to pot your tree into one of our stylish planters please choose one from the drop down menu, if you choose this option the height of your plant will increase by approximately 1ft.

If you would like us to add some weight to your tree when we plant it, so it won’t blow over outdoors, please state this when ordering.

We will send you a bag of pre glued stones for you to put on top of your plant which will dry to form a hard decorative crust.

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