6ft Kentia Palm


Height 6ft / 180cm

Width 3ft/ 90cm can be made wider by shaping the leaves.

This artificial Kentia Palm is our best selling palm tree, it has multiple stems which are made from plastic, see the photos showing the detail of the stems.

The dark green palm fronds are made with real touch foliage so it not only looks realistic but it feels real as well, making it one of the most accurate replica palms on the market.


This artificial palm will look good almost anywhere, the office, a hotel and is especially ideal for conservatories where the sun would normally scorch the leaves of a real palm.

It is a light delicate palm made from polyester silk with multiple plastic stems which are textured to make them look like the real thing, the palm fronds can be shaped to make the plant up to 90cm wide but you can make it narrower to fit the space you want to display it in.

This Palm is not UV stable therefore not suitable for outdoor use.

This artificial palm comes in a small starter pot unlike many palms on the market that come flat packed.  If you would like your palm potted into one of our elegant planters please call us on 01278 420644 and we will help you choose a suitable planter.

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