8ft Triple Headed Palm Tree



Height 8ft / 243cm

This impressive triple headed artificial palm tree is one of our most popular large palms.

With 3 trunks and many palm fronds it makes the plant bushy and thick but still stylish and elegant and exceptional value for money.


The 3 trunks are made of plastic but are textured to make them look realistic, the palm fronds are a mixture of dark green and lighter green representing new growth, they are made from silk and latex which ensures they will remain good as new for many years.

You can shape the leaves by bending them gently to achieve the width and spread that you desire.

This fake palm tree is very versatile and will suit many different environments,

restaurants, hotel foyers, spas and swimming pool areas, just to suggest a few, it is not UV stable so we advise it is only used indoors otherwise the sun will discolour the leaves.

Your artificial palm tree will come in a small plastic plant pot, if you would like us to pot your tree into a stylish planter please call us on 01278 420644 and we will help you choose the best planter for you.

The height of you palm will increase slightly with potting, we will send you a bag of pre glued stones to put on top of your plant which will dry to form a hard decorative crust.


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