Artificial Greenery Hanging Basket


Size: 70cm / 28 inches ( from the top of the chain to the bottom of the trailing foliage

Width 65cm/ 26 inches

Made in a 30cm /12 inch basket


This artificial foliage hanging basket is hand made using the lovely yellow and green colours of the Dracaena and Zebra plants contrasted with dark green ivy,

Each plant is securely fixed so that it will withstand the English weather.

All the artificial plants that are used in our hanging baskets are UV stable so they are suitable for outdoor use and will not fade in the summer sun.

As the baskets are made up of just artificial foliage plants they are ideal for use all year round not just in the summer months but still add you a splash of colour to your garden or office.

These artificial hanging baskets are great for the busy person who doesn’t have time to water their baskets everyday or for use in hard to reach places.

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