Red Maple tree

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Height : available from 3ft/ 90cm up to 6ft/ 180cm
Width: In proportion to the height


This fake Red Maple Tree is hand built in the UK so we can customise your tree to your requirements, if you would like a tree taller than 6ft / 180cm please call us for a quote.

The trees are constructed using real wood stems and vibrant multi toned red leaves which are made from latex giving the tree a very realistic look and feel.

This beautiful artificial red maple tree will add a splash of colour to any home or office, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

The tree is not UV Stable so it is only suitable for use indoors.

The false red maple tree is supplied in a small starter pot.

We can pot your tree into one of our stylish planters, please choose one from the drop down menu.

Your tree will arrive planted, we will send you some pre glued stones to place on the top of the planter, which will set to form a hard crust within a few hours finishing off your display beautifully.

Put it in position, dress out the leaves and sit back and enjoy.

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