Real Touch Areca Palm

From: £79.96

Height 4ft / 120cm  or 6ft / 180cm

This superb artificial areca palm tree is one of our best selling palms.

It is elegant with its long green palm fronds curving gently yet it is thick and bushy making it great value for money.


The palm fronds are made from a mixture of silk and latex and you can shape them slightly to create the look you want. The beauty of the artificial palms is that they won’t get scorched in the sunshine and they will look as good as new for many years.
This fake palm is not UV stable so only suitable for use indoors.

This plant will look good in many environments, the home, office restaurants, hotels anywhere where you need to add a touch of green without the hassle of real plants.

The fake palm tree comes in a small plastic plant pot
If you would like your tree potted into one of our stunning planters please choose one from the drop down menu, by having your plant potted it will increase the height of the plant by approx 1ft, we will send you bag of pre- glued stones to put on the top of your plant which will dry to form a decorative crust.

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