Mophead Ficus

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Height from 4ft / 120cm up to 6ft/ 180cm

Width  this will vary according to the height, the trees is hand made in the UK so if you require your tree to be a certain width or shape then please give us a call.


This Artificial Mophead Ficus Tree is made with top quality latex foliage which not only looks fantastic it even feels real to touch, the foliage is mid to dark green with a few lighter leaves representing new growth.

The stems of the fake Mophead Ficus tree are made from natural wood making the overall appearance of this tree very realistic.

This plant is not UV stable so is only suitable for use indoors

This contemporary looking ficus tree would look good in a conservatory or a modern office, adding a touch of green without the hassle of having to water real plants.

The false Mophead Ficus tree comes in a small plastic plant pot as standard, if you would like us to plant your tree into one of our stylish planters then choose one from the drop down menu. Your tree will arrive ready planted with a bag of pre-glued stones for you to place on the top which will dry to form a decorative hard crust.

The height of your finished tree will increase when potted.

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