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Outdoor Kentia Palm Tree




Size overall height 12 ft /3.65m
Width 6ft/1.8m
Foliage starts at 7.5ft / 2.2m from the bottom of the trunk
Trunk diameter 9cm
Pot diameter 20cm

Our artificial outdoor kentia palm tree stands 3.6m tall, it is constructed on a synthetic trunk, which is textured give the appearance of a real coco trunk, this is topped with a luscious green tropical canopy measuring nearly 2 meters making this a truly impressive feature tree.

The leaves come separately and simply slot into place at the head of the tree, you can then shape the leaves by gently bending them.

This Fake palm tree also has the advantage of being UV stable so unlike many other trees it can be used outdoors and comes with a 2 year UV guarantee.

At just under £300 with free delivery this is tree offers exceptional value for money.

It is ideal for swimming pool areas or spas and hot tubs it’s uses are endless.

Unfortunately this tree is too large to be potted into one of our planters but we suggest you plant it into a planter around 50- 60cm in diameter.

No Planter too big

48 hour delivery not next day

Out of stock

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