Trailing Forest Fern

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Size 3.5ft / 102cm trailing
Width 3ft / 90cm when fully dressed out

This artificial trailing Forest Fern is UV stable so is suitable for indoors and outdoors, it is very versatile and has many uses, it is ideal for use in hanging baskets and tubs in the garden or just as a feature plant in the home.


The Fake trailing Forest Fern has 37 leaves which are dark green at the base of the plant running into lighter green nearer the tips creating a very realistic plant with lovely long trails made from polyester silk and even has the vein detail.

Each stem has wire in so you can arrange your fern just how you want it and it will stay in place.

The fake Forest Fern comes without a pot, just a spike so it can easily be planted into a tub or planter, if you would like us to pot your fern into one of our stylish planters then choose one from the drop down menu, we will send you a bag of pre glued stones to put on the top of your planter which will dry to form a hard decorative crust.

Having your plant potted will increase the height of the plant slightly.

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